A true fan and friend of boogeymen, Devin Forst is a Pennsylvania-born illustrator with a penchant for the dark and unnatural. Devin grew up running through the woods in search of monsters, reading dark fairy tales, and watching a slew of fantastical films such as Labyrinth and Hocus Pocus…so it’s no wonder his work is teeming with wild magic and mystery. Outside of his growing Instagram presence, he has conjured up designs for Creep-O-Rama and Wicked Clothes, illustrated horror tales for Macmillan, Illumicrate, & Dark Hart Books, and is the creator of Witches Through History: Grimoire & Oracle Deck. When he's not making art, he can usually be found crouched in a dark room in front of a lit candle.
Devin’s greatest wish is that his work — through the power of storytelling — might inspire other people to celebrate the magic that can be found all around us, and appreciate the unique beauty in the darker and more mysterious aspects of life.
With artwork that's been described as "menacing melancholy," "gothic grit" and "witchery, with attitude," perhaps it can inspire you too to delve a bit deeper into the dark.
Devin can be contacted via crystal ball, or with the form below ~
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